Imagine a generation who's life playlist drives them forward instead of holding them back...

Music has the power to influence the way we act, think, and feel. It can be a doorway to deeper understanding. It can give you the push you need to do something amazing or it can calm your mind in the midst of turmoil. But more often lately it has become a trojan horse. A full on assault masquerading as a gift. What can bring so much good is causing so much harm.

That's why we have to do something to change it. And that is exactly what THE ATLAS INITIATIVE seeks to do.


Our mission is simple - We want to bring purpose to music.

How? By making music that has meaning. (And no, raking in money, drinking beer, and sleeping around does not fit the bill.)

This is a promise to fans and fellow musicians alike to start writing from the heart and not from what we have been taught will push downloads and drive sales. After all, was making music every really about making money? Because if it was, i think we are all in the wrong industry. 

Topics that fit:

Life Struggles







Topics that don't:

Recreational Sex (most of modern music)

Over Glorified Lifestyles



Self Harm



It really is that simple. 

Now sure, you might say, "But relationships are a powerful topic!" Yea, I agree! Write about it! Just don't write in a way that would cause someone else to sabotage their relationship. Or maybe you would say, "Violence is a real problem. How could I not write about it?" You would be correct. It is a terrible problem. Encourage people through your words to come together and end it. But please, don't write songs that talk about killing or belittling another person. That's not okay. 

We all have had struggles. We all have frustrations. That is normal. And expressing those very things is normal as well, but only in a way that helps others overcome something they might be facing. If anything you say would encourage someone else to do something that is not moral or right, than keep your conscience clear and promote positivity. Because ultimately, you are the only one accountable for how you influence those around you.


We all have an audience. Whether you are a solo guitar picker singing in your bedroom, a street performer on the corner, a smalltime studio recording artist, or the headliner of a national tour, you still have an audience. Someone, somewhere is listening to you. They are allowing your melodies and poetry to take root in their minds and souls. Sometimes that might be thousands or even millions, or maybe it might just be, well... you That's why we have to take a stand and make music that makes a difference.

 To become part of the Atlas Initiative requires:

•     A commitment to writing lyrics that would better your audience. 

•     An attitude of compassion for your audience, knowing that you have the ability to influence their lives.

•     A pursuit of what it means to express one's self through music and how that passion can be used to create a better world.


Its a big aspiration, but if we all join together we can make a difference.