Braille Atlas
  • Snow Day - Braille Atlas
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    Snow Day – (LP)

    Remember that feeling of seeing your school district tick across the bottom of your local news station letting you know that tomorrow was going to be a Snow Day!? Relive that nostalgic bliss with this 9 track instrumental crafted to help you relive one of the most magical childhood experiences any time you wish! Add this to a holiday playlist. Enjoy this on your very own winter day. Or blast it in the summer to wick away the heat! Stream Wherever You Feel at Home

  • Fabled Able
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    Fabled Able – (EP)

    I started the creation of this EP in 2018 when my mother passed away due to an alcohol overdose and my wife went through a life-threatening sickness (not to mention plenty of family drama added on top). 2018 was a hard year and creating these songs helped me to grow and overcome what held me back at that moment. I hope it also inspires you.  This 5 track instrumental album represents my struggle with anxiety and my battle to overcome it. It’s my hope that through the ups and downs, this music helps you navigate anxiety or gives you a glimpse into it. Stream Wherever You Feel at Home

  • Summertime Camping
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    Summertime Camping – (EP)

    I recorded this 4 song EP while camping along the Arkansas River in August of 2020. I sat out my recorder around 6am, 12pm, 7pm, and 12am to capture the natural ambiance of a summer campsite and built tracks around these ambient tones. Every track is seamless with each other so you can listen without gaps. You can even listen on repeat and will never hear where one track ends and the next begins! Stream Wherever You Feel at Home

  • 30 Thoughts Till Dawn
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    30 Thoughts Till Dawn – (LP)

    Like epic adventures and Instrumental music? Stream “30 Thoughts Till Dawn” Wherever you listen to music! – It’s like a movie for your ears! (This album was created in one month: one song a day for 30 days to make a complete, story-based album) Stream Wherever You Feel at Home Watch how this album was made: