Braille Atlas
  • The Wellerman - Braille Atlas
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    The Wellerman – (SP)

    (scroll down for streaming links) Needing some Sea Shanty, instrumental, epic quest music to brighten your day? Well, here you go! This Ocarina driven tune takes The Wellerman out of the 1800s and throws it front and center as the soundtrack to any adventure you can throw its way. Stream Wherever You Feel at Home

  • Nightcast Voyage (Single)
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    Nightcast Voyage – (SP)

    Nightcast Voyage was written with you at the wheel! It was recorded and produced in 1 day while on a TikTok Live. Everything down to the name was inspired by all of you amazing listeners. Stream Wherever You Feel at Home

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    RE:construct – (SP)

    I was a pastor for 7 years (Worship and youth). Before that, I helped in numerous church activities. I have been in the religious system most of my life. And while I have had many beautiful experiences in church, I have also had my share of painful ones. My wife and I started our podcast, The Reckless Pursuit in 2018 when I stepped down from ministry to pursue a new direction. We wanted to help people going through deconstruction and help them explore their faith. This single is a Lo-Fi style tribute to our podcast with clips taken from our show to help people gain spiritual freedom. Stream Wherever You…

  • Until the Porch Rails Break
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    Until the Porch Rails Break – (SP)

    My mother passed away in 2018. Once she was gone, her house sat unattended for quite some time. One day, I stopped by to check on things and pick something up. It was rainy and damp and I noticed the deck boards were beginning to wear out. I had the title to this song pop in my head. I snapped a photo and came home to start writing. This little piano melody was the result. Layered with some ambient storm sounds, this track has a moody, melancholic feel to it that begs the mind to remember the past while realizing that time still moves on. Stream Wherever You Feel at…

  • Arkadeia - Braille Atlas
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    Arkadeia – (SP)

    The cosmos expand around you in this imaginative interpretation of space noises echoing back into ears.  (This track was the first instrumental track I ever published and has been remastered for optimum enjoyment.) Stream Wherever You Feel at Home